Veeva for SMBs

Efficient, compliant, and business-focused Veeva implementation

As a growing company, your time to market is crucial. On the other hand, as an SMB, you don't necessarily have the same unlimited resources as "Big Pharma". So, how can you reap all the benefits of a Veeva solution efficiently, in time, in-scope, and in budget?

That's where Epista comes in. Epista has developed an implementation support framework to counteract common pitfalls and set you up for success.

Why choose Epista as your implementation partner?

Smart Configuration Decisions

The Veeva Configuration Phase is short, and decisions must be made quickly. Time constraints don't allow for very many process improvement or harmonization activities. Epista helps you turn your business strategy and goals into actionable configuration decisions to create a digital platform for your future.

Efficient Process Optimization

New IT systems bring layers of complexity to a business, crossing internal ‘silos’ and making it difficult to meet everyone’s needs. Yet, streamlined processes are essential to achieving business goals. We ensure your processes are harmonized and streamlined to meet compliance requirements while unlocking value throughout your organization.

Expert Validation Support

The stacks and stacks of validation documents provided by Veeva can be overwhelming - especially to those inexperienced with Cloud/SaaS qualification. Epista's deep expertise gives you a proven path to success. We know what needs to be read/reviewed, what vendor documentation can be re-used, and more. Instead of reinventing the wheel, you'll have the confidence that comes from being supported by reliable experts.

Veeva Implementation Wheel

Epista's Veeva Implementation Framework

With Epista's implementation framework, your Veeva Vault solution will go-live efficiently and effectively. We are a certified Veeva Partner with comprehensive technical knowledge to help you get the most out of your system. Using our extensive business expertise, we have developed a support framework that counteracts common pitfalls and sets you up for success when implementing Veeva.

Phase 0 (for process optimization)

  • Interviews
  • Questionnaires
  • Workshops
  • Business Requirement Specifications

System Design

  • Workshop Preparation
  • (Configuration) Workshops (with Veeva)
  • Internal Alignment/Approval and CUstomer URS
  • Configuration and Customer Configuration Specification (with Veeva)
  • Configuration Sign-off
  • Configuration Environments (with Veeva)

System Validation

  • Audit of Veeva GxP Assessment
  • Validation Plan
  • Cloud Qualification
  • Project Decision Documentation with Customer
  • Veeva Test Cases (with Veeva)


  • Migration Plan
  • Database Analysis and Document Archive Health Check (with Veeva)
  • Migration Script Creation
  • Migration Test Run on DEV Environment
  • Document Extraction
  • Mapping of Legacy vs. Current Document IDs
  • Document Upload to Veeva
  • Validation and Migration Report

Operations and Maintenance

  • Business Strategy - Alignment of Strategy and System
  • Compliance Check - New Releases
  • System Change Assessments and Implementations

Additional Areas

  • SOP Impact Assessment
  • Process SOP Authoring
  • Process Training Material
  • Train the Trainer (with Veeva)
  • Internal Trainer (Customer)

Veeva Development Cloud for SMBs can include:

Project Management:

A project manager is responsible for overall service deliverables, project oversight and progress. They’ll use well-established project governance tools and methods based on our extensive experience implementing Veeva Vault for many clients.

Phase 0 (Business Process Optimization):

A subject matter expert with strong industry knowledge will assess your business practices, future business strategy, and lead related process harmonization and optimization activities.

Configuration Support:

A technical expert will guide you through configuration decisions and ensure the right decisions are being made. By setting the right priorities now, we help make sure you get the most out of your new IT application.

Validation Support:

A compliance expert will deliver validation support by adapting Veeva's standard material with your specific system setup and ensure compliance with your internal procedures and requirements.

Business Support:

A subject matter expert will update existing procedures and establish any new ones that result from system implementation, ensuring you are ready for your Business GO LIVE.

Migration Support:

A migration specialist will establish a migration strategy and analyze and prepare data to be moved from your legacy system (whether paper or electronic) to your Veeva Vault.

Organizational Change Management:

Any new IT system will mean major change for your organization. An Epista specialist will establish proper communications, manage stakeholders, and create a full onboarding and training program for end users.

Training Support:

A system expert will provide training to end users by adapting Veeva's standard material to your specific business needs.

Operation & Maintenance (Managed Operations):

A Managed Operations expert will establish an elevated level of support for seamless adoption of the new system. This will allow you to focus on your business after implementation, while we handle user tickers, annual releases, and change requests to ensure business continuation and that new features and functions are utilized to maximum value. This way, your system will continue to support your business, rather than your business twisting itself to fit into the system’s processes.

Get in touch to learn how Epista can help you take full advantage of everything Veeva Vault has to offer and ensure that your implementation meets all your business needs.

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