Epista Life Science Quality Policy

Epista Life Science is a consultancy dedicated to continuously improving compliance and business for the Life Science industry. By turning compliance obstacles into business opportunities, we believe we can help increase the contribution of Life Science to society. Our quality policy is built on the three interlocking pillars that fit seamlessly together to create success in Epista: our clients, our team, and our company.

Our Clients:

We help our clients find the right balance between their compliance efforts and their quality goals, so they can use resources efficiently, while remaining in control of their IT systems. We are committed to providing services that meet or exceed customers’ needs and expectations at the agreed time, cost, and quality.

Our Team:

Epista is a team of pioneers. Our culture nurtures our consultants’ ability to question the status quo each day at their client assignments and to innovate new ways to stay in control of ever-evolving IT systems in our heavily regulated industry. We generously share our knowledge with the industry, and are committed to attracting competent employees, continuously developing their skills, and helping them gain more experience to secure the highest quality within our team.

Our Company:

Our company operates using values of lasting relationships, trustworthy conduct, qualified skills, and measurable results. These values strengthen our ability to achieve goals for ourselves and the industry. Quality is always our highest priority, and to that end, Epista is committed to having an efficient global Quality Management System that is continuously improved by periodic reviews and evaluations.