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Vision, Mission, & Values

About Epista
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Epista Life Science is a team of experts working at the intersection of business priorities and compliance requirements. We pioneer new methodologies and implement technologies to help companies balance risk and efficiency to achieve more.


Life Science businesses drive the innovations that improve health care around the world, from enabling cutting edge therapies to making drugs more affordable.

Compliance requirements protect the public, but also create challenges for every aspect of Life Science - from R&D to production and success in the market. The requirements are constantly changing, as is the IT landscape. Change brings new risks, as well as new opportunities.

We are dedicated to continuously improving compliance and business. By turning compliance obstacles into business opportunities, we believe we can help increase the contribution of Life Science to society.

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Vision, Mission,
& Values

We've got big ambitions. And to achieve them, we feel strongly that our actions must embody our vision, mission, and values.

We also care about quality - for our clients, team, and company. Read our Quality Policy to learn more.


Turn compliance obstacles into business opportunities, increasing the contribution of Life Science to society.

We see the evolving compliance requirements as opportunities to improve our customers’ businesses. By improving Life Science businesses, we help them drive the innovations that improve health care around the world.


Continuously improve compliance and business.

Epista pioneers new methodologies and implements technologies to help customers balance risk and efficiency to achieve more. We anticipate the impact that changing requirements will have on customers and help them adapt. And we understand our customers’ business strategies and work to increase their performance.


We realize that our vision and mission are ambitious. That’s why our values are the foundation of everything we do.

They guide us in all relationships with clients, partners and colleagues:

  • Lasting relationships
  • Trustworthy conduct
  • Qualified skills
  • And measurable results


Epista is led by a team of professionals with many years experience and strong ambition to make an impact on the industry. They have experience from all over the Life Science industry - including quality, regulatory, manufacturing, clinical, and more. From partner relationships to consulting, our leaders have the insight to help ensure success for our clients.

Klavs Esbjerg
CEO & Founder
Thomas Bjerggaard
Chief Operating Officer
Fredrik Borulf
CFO / Head of M&A
Flemming Kjøller
Chief Growth Officer
Rasmus Torp Kristensen
Managing Director - Denmark
Christian Bohrmann
Managing Director - Germany
Robert Pettersson
Managing Director - Sweden
Bobby William Gray
Chief Commercial Officer
Stinne Stenvig
People & Culture Manager
Katarina Larsen
Director of Finance
Lina Håkansson
Corporate Quality Manager
Marion Bohrmann
Director Corporate Services
Birgitta Andreasson
Director of Sales - Sweden
Christian Passarge
VP & Head of Commercial Services
Hernan Vilas
SVP & Head of Global Manufacturing CoE - Switzerland

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Epista is a team of pioneers. We unlock each consultant’s potential to continuously improve. We pioneer new ways to stay in control of patient safety and product quality and question the status quo in everything we do. Want to be a part of our team? Check out our open positions.

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