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Commercial​ Services

Delivering next generation customer engagement.

Achieving operational excellence leveraging people, technology and data

Ongoing changes in leading commercial technology solutions, combined with the need for more data driven decision making, the challenge for better integrated commercial and medical teams, and the rise of generative AI: All these factors are providing commercial Life Science with the unique opportunity (and duty) to bring their commercial business and technology platforms into the next generation.

Within our commercial services, Epista helps clients to operationalize this journey and enable companies to capitalize on their technology investments. We offer end-to-end services from business and technology consulting to technology implementation and managed services to change management with a focus on customer – and content excellence - allowing our customers to efficiently deliver against their engagement strategies and to improve business outcomes.

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VP Commercial Services

Business Consulting

Following yourstrategic guidelines, Epista helps you to (re)define and implement tangible operating models and processes for your next generation customer engagement model. We help to deliver holistic approaches as well as solutions in specific areas like omnichannel, key account management, LMR processes, digital factory optimization, etc.

What you get:

- Clear, executable plans to implement superior engagement models

- A guideline to close the execution gap and to drive result

Our Business Consulting services include:

  • Future ready assessment
  • Target operatingmodel design for customer engagement
  • Omnichannel operationalization support
  • Alignment/integration of medical and commercial customer approach
  •  Process optimization
  • Content managementoperations and process optimization
  • And more...

Technology Consulting

Although technologies should not define your approach, they are a key component to enable any efficient execution. At Epista we take care that your technology ecosystem fits your ambitions, is flexible and future ready. Based on the defined model, we assess your technology needs, define the right architecture and solutions and support you throughout the whole vendor selection process.

What you get:

- Value and need based system landscape

- Definition of the appropriate IT investment level

Our Technology Consulting services include:

  • Technology needs assessment
  • Definition offuture technology ecosystem for customer engagement and content excellence
  • Identification of new value adding technology opportunities
    (e.g. (gen) AI)
  • Architecture design
  • Managing the vendor selection process
  • And more

Technology Implementation

As results need to be delivered, we don't stop with models and definitions, we ensure they will be turned into execution. With our implementation program and project management, we take care that the defined ecosystem is actually brought to the users and can create operational value

What you get:

- Needs- and value-based requirement definition and scoping

- Efficient implementation projects

- Technology solution value delivered to your users

Our Technology Implementation services include:

  • Program – and project management for customer engagement ecosystem solutions like CRM,Marketing Automation and Content Management Systems
  • Full vendor management through implementation projects
  • Technology support throughout implementation projects
  • And more

Managed Services

Building or maintaining the capacities and capabilities to run, service and improve a system may not always be possible or sensible. At Epista we take care of that for you. We can run your solution, manage your services or support the improvement of system adoption to allow you to focus on other core value tasks.

What you get:

- Efficient product management

- Higher system adoption and employee satisfaction

Our Managed Services include:

  • Product ownership
  • Service Management
  • Adoption Management
  • And more

Change Management

It is not only about the processes and technology – it is as much about winning the minds and hearts of the people who execute the models and use the solutions. With our stringent change management approach, we help to enable your organization to understand, value and execute the approaches and technologies that will increase the value of your operations and deliver exceptional results.

What you get:

- Faster go-to-market

- Higher employee satisfaction

- Better results, faster

Our Managed Services include:

  • Change Program design and execution
  • Change Agent training and enablement
  • Change Communication and planning
  • And more

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