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Guiding Your Project to Success:
Effective Governance and Risk Management

At Epista, we understand the critical role that effective project and program management plays in the success of any IT project, whether embarking on a pre-study, PoC, project preparation, implementation, or sustained operation of business applications, Epista project and program management ensures a smooth process from A to Z.

Our specialized services are designed to provide sufficient governance in order to guide organizations through the complexities while ensuring seamless execution and compliance with industry standards.

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Solveiga Jagminaite
Director - ERP & Managed Operations

Project Management

Our Project Management service focuses on the meticulous planning, execution, and control of tasks to achieve specific goals. The framework is structured to match business needs with regulatory requirements and is applicable to any lifecycle state of the business application.

Project Management includes:

  • Comprehensive project plans tailored to businessapplication validation.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation strategies.
  • Stakeholder communication and engagement plans.
  • Real-time progress monitoring and reporting.
  • Quality assurance measures to guarantee validation requirements are met.

Program Management

Our Program Management service involves orchestrating numerous projects, guaranteeing alignment with organizational objectives.

Program Management includes:

  • Integrated program plans that synchronize projecttimelines.
  • Resource allocation and optimization strategies.
  • Cross-functional collaboration frameworks.
  • Regular program status reviews and reporting.
  • Continuous improvement initiatives for enhanced program efficiency.

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