Life Science Cloud Transition

Your proven path to a cloud-based future.  

Life Science Cloud Transition gives you a proven path to your future platform

The benefits of moving to the cloud are many, from increasing flexibility and access to data to simplifying IT management. Yet, the risks are also significant.

Moving established processes to the cloud requires balancing trade-offs between adapting the processes or the systems. Release cycles create new opportunities, but also force adaptation. Similarly, increased access to data can create enormous value, and new risks.

We’ve helped Life Science companies realize the promise of the cloud while managing its risks. By combining our deep experience, proven methodologies, and unique tools, we can ensure your transition is a success.

Life Science Cloud Transition Product Sheet

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Rasmus Torp Kristensen
Country Manager - Denmark
Life Science Cloud Transition includes:
  • Needs analysis and system selection
  • Implementation management
  • Validation and test automation set-up
  • Management of release cycles and updates
Confident the right choices are being made from the start
Needs analysis and system selection creates a clear link between business needs and system requirements.
Trust your systems are in control
Validation and test automation setup gives you a constant compliance level you can count on.
Trust you are in control
Release management and improvement cycles let you stay ahead of potential issues while optimizing business value
Supported by reliable and experienced experts
Implementation management results in a swift and precise implementation.

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