Veeva Phase 0

A project preparation phase for process optimization

Are you planning to implement a cloud-based application for clinical, regulatory, or quality management? You must be implementing the system to optimize your company, or you wouldn’t be going through all the time, effort, and expense. Before you begin, ask yourself: If I base the new system on my outdated, inefficient business processes, will it really get me where I need to go?

Whether you are a Biotech that wants to transition into a full commercial company, a growing pharmaceutical company with multiple sites and/or acquisitions, or you just need better oversight over your data to track trends and share knowledge, Epista can help.  

A Veeva Phase 0 for process optimization, executed before project kickoff, looks ahead to create the harmonized business processes you need to achieve your goals. With proper preparation, you’ll have an efficient implementation and roll-out, and you’ll end up with a system that adds value to your company - right from Go-Live.


Without the right preparation, your diverse stakeholders will go into the system configuration phase unable to answer the software vendor’s many, complex, questions. Imagine an implementation workshop, moving fast with much ground to cover, where your employees do not fully understand the impact of the questions they’re being asked, or the influence that the answers will have on the final system. Rather than ending with a harmonized backbone for the company, this could result in a system full of human bottlenecks, a lack of KPIs, unrepresented business areas, and more.

A Phase 0 will challenge the status quo and maintain a helicopter perspective when designing new processes. Stakeholders will be ready for the software vendor’s configuration questions. And you’ll end up with a system that supports your business, and not the other way around.

Here’s how it works

  • Epista starts with an analysis of current business processes and future business strategy. We review existing procedures then perform a gap analysis, interviews, questionnaires, master data management planning, SWOT analysis, and more.
  • Next, we execute workshops with business experts – cross-functional, cross-site, cross-organization – depending on your project’s scope. We use the analysis, combined with Epista’s expert knowledge of Life Science business processes and your selected IT system, to design future-proof processes that are as standardized as possible, optimized for your specific needs, and harmonized across your company.


As the saying goes, output always equals input. Invest effort into your system implementation even before project kickoff and reap the benefits of a central, harmonized backbone that will help you reach your business goals, whatever they are.

Here’s what one client had to say about their Project Preparation Phase with Epista:

Epista helped us document the way to our future processes. They guided us, especially if we were about to make a short-sighted decision. For example, when we said, ‘We want X’, Epista told us – ‘No, you don’t want X. You want Y because it will offer you more options in the future when you want to do Z. - Ida Bastian Brügger, Team Lead for Compliance and Operations in Global Regulatory Affairs at ALK.

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