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Utilizing technology for business efficiency while complying with industry regulations

Leveraging the power of Veeva, cutting-edge AI, and comprehensive technical expertise, our suite of services is designed to propel businesses in regulated industries toward unprecedented efficiency and innovation.

By harmonizing advanced technological solutions with the stringent requirements of industry compliance, we offer a unique portfolio that includes seamless system integration, strategic data migration, sophisticated automation for testing, and AI-driven insights for data preparation and migration.

Our approach ensures that your operations not only meet current regulatory standards but are also poised for future advancements, setting a new benchmark for excellence in the Life Science sector.

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Nick Larsen
Director Technical Services


In the evolving landscape of Life Science, integrating various systems and technologies is crucial for operational efficiency. Epista’s Integration services ensure that your system integrations are not only seamless but also compliant with the latest regulations. Our expertise covers the full spectrum of integration needs, from simple data integrations to complex system consolidations.

Our Integration services include:

  • Developing compliant integration strategies
  • Ensuring data integrity and security in integrations
  • Custom solutions for unique integration challenges
  • And more


Migration of data and systems is a critical step for businesses aiming to stay ahead in the LifeScience sector. Our services in Migration ensure a smooth transition to more advanced platforms like Veeva, SharePoint etc., with a keen focus on compliance, data integrity, and minimal disruption to your operations.

Our Migration services include:

  • Compliant migration strategies for data and systems
  • Safe and secure data transfer to new platforms
  • Minimizing downtime during the migration process
  • Post-migration support and compliance verification
  • Utilization of AI components for faster migrations
  • And more

Automated Testing

In the Life Science industry, automated testing is essential for ensuring both efficiency and compliance. Epista specializes in automated testing solutions that enhance the accuracy and reliability of your processes. From automated validation of systems to routine testing in Veeva, D365 etc., our services are designed to reduce manual efforts while maintaining the highest standards of compliance.

Automated Testing services include:

  • Automated software validation and testing
  • Streamlining dataverification and validation processes
  • Continuous monitoring and updating of automated testing protocols
  • And more

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the Life Science industry, offering unprecedented opportunities for innovation while enhancing compliance. Epista provides expertise in integrating AI solutions into your business processes, ensuring they are compliant and effectively utilized to drive your business forward.

Our AI services include:

  • AI-driven dataanalysis for better decision-making
  • Compliance inAI-driven processes and systems
  • Leveraging AI forautomated compliance monitoring
  • Training and finetuning of Veeva bots
  • Classification ofunstructured documents
  • Documentationcreation for validation
  • And more

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