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Needs Analysis & System Selection
Process Optimization
Implementation Management
Compliance & Validation

Needs Analysis & System Selection

Translating your priorities into clear choices

Needs analysis and system selection helps you translate your business priorities into the right system decisions.

At the intersection of business and compliance, informed decisions can be difficult. Options are many and the tradeoffs between compliance and efficiency are often unclear. Whether it is about transitioning to new cloud-based systems or upgrading existing technology, specialized expertise is required.

Our many years of experience provide us with deep understanding of both the current system landscape and upcoming trends. We help turn your business strategy and goals into actionable decisions to create a digital platform for your future.

Needs Analysis & System Selection Product Sheet

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Robert Pettersson
Managing Director - Sweden
Needs Analysis & System Selection includes:
  • Definition of critical success factors based on strategy
  • Linking success factors to IT and compliance
  • Decision Support
Trust that your business is well understood
Defining critical success factors gives you a clear overview of what matters.
Be confident that you’re making the right choice
Linking success factors to IT and compliance creates the highest potential impact on your business.
Rely on Epista’s decision support
Get the expert recommendations you need to translate your priorities into clear choices - from a partner you can count on.

Process Optimization

Harmonizing business and IT

Process optimization enables your business to maintain momentum while adopting IT systems.

New IT systems often bring layers of complexity to a business, crossing internal silos and making it difficult to meet everyone’s needs. Yet, streamlined processes are essential to achieving business goals.

We use proven methodologies and business intelligence to understand your processes. Then, we develop a transition plan to guide process changes and set implementation priorities. The resulting processes are harmonized and streamlined to meet compliance requirements while unlocking value throughout your organization.

Process Optimization Product Sheet
Veeva Phase 0 for Process Optimization Product Sheet

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Hannah Greiner
Director of Electronic Content Management Business
Process optimization includes:
  • Process review and gap analysis
  • Process redesign and transition planning
  • Specification of IT system requirements
Rely on information rather than intuition
A process review and gap analysis give you a detailed understanding of current operations.
Be confident in the clear path ahead
Process redesign and transition planning give you a clear direction for changes.
Know exactly what to do
Specification of IT system requirements give you a comprehensive set of recommendations.

Implementation Management

Leading change, ensuring success

Implementation management guides you through times of change and ensures your success.

Moving to new IT systems can be challenging, raising many new technical issues, and creating new risks to productivity and compliance.

We are subject matter experts on both sides, bringing and in-depth understanding of Life Science businesses to compliance and IT systems. Our system expertise ensures that we bring the required technical abilities for a validated system implementation across modules and in all departments.

Implementation Management Product Sheet

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Hannah Greiner
Director of Electronic Content Management Business
Implementation management includes:
  • Program, project, and change management
  • Migrations and integrations
  • Subject matter expertise and training
  • Validation strategy and execution
Trust that every facet of the process is taken care of
Program, project and change management give you a holistic approach to implementation.
Be confident in the integrity of systems and data
Deep expertise in migrations and integrations ensures data is secure and existing systems are leveraged.
Rest assured that critical knowledge will be passed on
Our subject matter expertise and training programs ensure your staff learns from exerts in compliance as well as system experts.

Compliance & Validation

Finding your optimal balance between risk and efficiency

Life Science companies are constantly bombarded with new regulations, technology, and business initiatives. It’s difficult to find the balance between risk and efficiency so compliance does not stand in the way of business goals.

Whether your systems are in the cloud, on-prem, or a hybrid, Epista helps you find the balance that fits your business and ensures your regulatory compliance. From definition of validation strategies and plans, all the way through the execution of validation services, you’ll achieve your goals efficiently and in-control.

Compliance & Validation Product Sheet

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Bobby William Gray
Chief Commercial Officer
Compliance & Validation includes:
  • Risk-based strategy maximizing use of vendor documentation
  • Best practices customized to your specific needs
  • Deep knowledge of CSV with a future focus on CSA
  • Cloud control strategy & cloud vendor management
Be confident your IT system is future proof
You'll have access to the specialized knowledge you need - new and upcoming regulations, standards, guidelines and more.
Feel secure that your business is understood
You’re supported by experienced and reliable experts that understand your specific IT landscape and business needs.
Trust you are efficient and in control
Question the status quo to find the optimal balance between proper use of resources and appropriate level of risk.


Ensuring efficient and GxP compliant migrations

Migrations play an integral role in the life cycle of IT systems - especially in an industry like Life Science where unprecedented amounts of data are handled every day. Whether your company is consolidating IT systems, getting a new IT system, creating or acquiring new products, or even acquiring a new company, you will need to migrate data. And data migrations are more complex than you think.

Getting a qualified team ofmigration experts in early is critical for reducing risk, ensuring GxP compliance, and creating an environment that supports your business in the long run. 

At Epista, we have experience working with both simple data migrations and more complex, large-scale migrations. It doesn't matter if you have 500 or 500.000.000 documents. Our migration team can both execute the technical migration and help you make the right business decisions that always come with IT system changes. 

Data Quality Assessment Service Sheet

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Nick Larsen
Manager - Technical Services
Migration includes:
  • Data Quality Check
  • Veeva Migrations (Quality Suite, Training, RIMSuite, Clinical Suite)
  • SharePoint Migrations
  • Business Decision Consulting
Save time and reduce risk
With a data quality check, you can get a better idea of what your data actually looks like and how much time it may take to prepare for migration.
Rely on Epista's extensive technical and business knowledge
Our migration experts know the Life Science industry and understand your business needs. You can trust that their knowledge and expertise will ensure compliance with industry regulations.
Be confident with smart decisions
Get expert recommendations that meet bpth industry and business requirements - now and in the future.


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