Genau & More and Epista Life Science merge under a common vision to improve quality, compliance and digitalization within the Life Science industry

Leading Danish companies merge to create increased impact on Life Science industry

HØRSHOLM, COPENHAGEN, and AARHUS, Denmark, February 1, 2024 -- Genau & More, one of the leading Danish companies specializing in engineering and consulting services for the Life Science industry has been acquired and will merge with industry colleagues at Epista Life Science. The partnership brings together approx. 180 passionate employees united by common values and a dedication to quality, compliance, and the digitalization of the Life Science industry.

CEO, Partner, and Senior Consultant at Genau & More, Henrik Johanning, founded the Copenhagen- and Aarhus-based engineering and consulting house with a vision that it should always be safe for patients to receive medicine and treatment. That is why Genau & More helps manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment as well as hospitals to develop, implement, and maintain the necessary quality when new facilities, equipment, IT, legislation, and technologies are implemented. In other words, ensuring quality, business, and patient safety go hand-in-hand.

"Genau & More has a unique and people-oriented culture driven by an important, common task for Life Science companies and, ultimately, patients. Epista Life Science is based on the same DNA, and our common values are rooted in quality, professionalism, and people centricity. These values are reflected in everything we say and do. This cultural match and business logic points to the reason that we are now merging our businesses", says Henrik Johanning.

He adds, "The merger meets our clients' increasing demand for uncompromising quality, accurate legislative interpretation, and, of course, best practice in line with the Life Science industry’s rapid growth. Together, we create a unique powerhouse for quality and compliance – strategically, tactically and operationally."

COO, Partner, and Senior Consultant at Genau & More, Simon Bagger, elaborates that new technology combined with deep professionalism and understanding of quality assurance is becoming a point of increasing importance in addressing the requirements in the market, which is why the partnership with Epista Life Science is a natural choice.

"Both companies have continuously developed the strong professional specialization needed to solve complex tasks and expertly bring new technology to the market. This merger gives us added scale, digitalization capabilities, and a wider geographical playing field without compromising our professionalism or values. Additionally, we will be able to offer even more joint development and career opportunities for our talented current and future colleagues. We are very much looking forward to getting started.”

Group CEO, Klavs Esbjerg, is very excited about the merger and sees the two companies as a strong match. “Genau & More is an incredibly good and respected name in the industry. They are widely recognized for their long-term approach to regulatory strategies, inspection readiness, training, and validation of e.g., equipment and IT. They keep their promises and invest heavily in their client relationships with the vision of making business and patient safety go hand-in-hand. The combination of deep professional consulting capabilities and technological competence at Epista Life Science and strategic quality and compliance advice at the highest level at Genau & More will create many new opportunities to reduce our clients' time-to-market and, at the same time, increase quality and predictability. We are on a joint mission to drive a positive impact on an industry critical to society - an industry that, in many ways, we in Denmark are helping to shape and influence in a positive direction.”


For more information please contact:

Klavs Esbjerg (CEO, Epista Life Science): +45 40 27 23 13. Email:

Henrik Johanning (CEO, Genau & More): +45 51 35 92 68. Email:

About Epista

Epista Life Science (Epista) is an IT service and consulting company with 150 employees that assists life science companies worldwide with digitalization, validation, and quality assurance. They are headquartered in Denmark and have subsidiaries in Sweden, Germany, and Switzerland. The company works at the intersection of business and compliance to anticipate the impacts that changing technology and regulatory requirements will have on the industry. By implementing technologies and pioneering methodologies, Epista helps their clients adapt while also increasing their performance. In this way, they help the industry drive the innovations that improve health care around the world.

About Genau & More

Genau & More is a consultancy with 30 employees, dedicated to offering the highest quality in patient safety and compliance. As an engineering and consulting firm, they have dedicated themselves to helping manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and hospitals succeed in developing, implementing and maintaining the necessary quality needed to create patient safety and trust. Genau & more helps clients create the right level of quality in relation to their quality strategy, business performance, competitiveness and license-to-operate. The company also has specialist skills within IT & Automation. They implement the right quality processes, which means that the clients are always ready for inspection during authority visits and can, therefore, always document that they meet requirements for quality, compliance and, ultimately, patient safety.

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