Bruun & Maté joins Epista Life Science group to increase industry impact

Epista acquires Bruun & Maté AB

To address the Life Science industry’s increasing demand for service partners with a versatile skillset, Epista Life Science, a compliance and business consultancy headquartered in Denmark with subsidiaries in Sweden and Germany, has joined forces with Bruun & Maté AB, a respected Swedish consultancy focused onquality, compliance, and security.

The acquisition of Bruun & Maté AB became official on April 1, 2022. The union enhances both companies’ ability to help clients drive the innovations that improve health care around the world. It does this by combining capabilities within business, leadership, and technical skills; strategic and operational experience; and international expertise with local resources.

Robert Pettersson, Managing Director of Epista Life Science Sweden says the acquisition adds value to the Swedish Life Science industry: “We’ve created a robust pool of industry experts. Most of our new colleagues have 20-30 years of experience, working with some of the largest companies in the Life Science industry. This extends the impact we have on our clients, helping them achieve their business goals.”

Klavs Esbjerg, CEO of Epista Life Science agrees, and adds: “Yes, impact is what we want. We’ve built a very strong team and we firmly believe that this strength brings a responsibility to make a positive impact on our industry. Our union with Bruun & Maté is our latest step on this journey, with many more to come.”

Attila Maté, founder of Bruun & Maté, concludes: “We’ve been on the lookout for a suitable partner for quite some time. Epista is a great fit. We feel confident joining their team because they share our standard of excellence when it comes to the way we work with clients. And we have an outstanding cultural fit when it comes to developing our teams.”

With Bruun & Mate’s addition, the Epista Life Science group now provides services worldwide through six offices in Denmark, Sweden, and Germany.

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