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Epista expands portfolio once again with commercial offerings

HØRSHOLM, January 23, 2024: Epista Life Science is now one step closer to becoming a full end-to-end service provider for Life Science companies with the addition of commercial services to its portfolio. This expansion comes just days after the company announced the launch of its Manufacturing Operations services.

"As Epista continues to navigate the dynamic landscape of Life Science IT services, we recognize the pivotal role commercial services plays in driving speed to market, innovation, and efficiency for pharmaceutical companies. Today, we embark on a strategic journey and have established a team dedicated to delivering commercial services, leveraging cutting-edge proven service concepts, and partnering with the leading software providers. This initiative underscores our commitment to advancing the digital frontier in Life Science by fostering transformative solutions that propel our clients to new heights of success,” states Flemming Kjoeller, SVP and Chief Growth Officer at Epista Life Science.

With years of experience and established services in quality, compliance, validation, and more, commercial services were the clear next step in Epista’s journey towards the creation of a global services platform for Life Science. Furthermore, recent developments in the commercial business and technology marketplace will allow the industry to rethink their engagement models. This also puts Epista in a prime position to embrace change and lead the way as Life Science companies plan the transformation of their commercial approaches.

Epista’s development in the commercial area for Life Science will help companies in the industry improve patient outcomes by serving their customers better, faster, and more efficiently. This means operationalizing and executing commercial strategies by leveraging new customer engagement models empowered by state-of-the-art technology solutions.  Specifically, Epista will offer end-to-end services from business and technology consulting to technology implementation and managed services to change management with a focus on customer – and content excellence.

To head this new department, Christian Passarge has joined the Epista team as Vice President and Head of Commercial Services. “I am thrilled to join Epista and its entrepreneurial team in these exciting times to help build a unique value proposition for our clients. Upcoming changes in leading commercial technology solutions, combined with the need for more data driven decision making, the challenge for better integrated commercial and medical teams, and the rise of generative AI will provide commercial Life Science with the unique opportunity (and duty) to bring their commercial business and technology platforms into the next generation. Epista will help to operationalize this journey and enable companies to capitalize on their technology investments.”

At Epista, we believe in long-lasting relationships. Through combining consulting experience with technology expertise, our team of industry professionals work hard to help Life Science companies achieve the desired results.


About Epista Life Science (“Epista”)

Epista, founded in 2009, is a Life Science-focused digital services and consultancy firm assisting companies worldwide. They are headquartered in Denmark and have subsidiaries in Sweden, Germany, and Switzerland. The company works at the intersection of business and technology to anticipate the impacts that changing technology and regulatory requirements will have on the industry. By implementing technologies and pioneering methodologies, Epista helps their clients adapt while also increasing their performance. In this way, they help the industry drive the innovations that improve health care around the world.

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