Data Quality Assessment

Why you need to assess the quality of your data before starting a migration

Is your data ready for Veeva?

Migrating data from one system to another is simple. The challenges arise in when it comes time to prepare your data for migration.

Understand resource needs

One of the biggest challenges that migration projects face is underestimation. Frequently, Life Science companies downplay migrations as "just one" part of the implementation process. Yet, the process is more complex than they think. With a Data Quality Check, you can better understand resource requirements from the start so that you don't get caught up with added time and costs at the end.

Efficiently check data quality

Short on time? Need to make a decision quickly? A good data quality check can take less than 2 weeks. In this time, you'll get a clear understanding of everything you need to make informed decisions. This includes resource estimates, a data quality report, and a cleaning effort estimate.

Decrease project risk

Veeva implementation projects inherently come with risk. You can minimize this risk as much as possible by understanding the quality of your data, knowing the required resource allocation, and preparing for possible improvement areas ahead of time.

Epista's Data Quality Assessment Framework

What is included in a Data Quality Assessment?

Data Quality Overview

  • As a part of Epista's Data Quality Assessment, you will get a high level output of the overall quality of your data. This includes a look at your metadata, the consistency of your data, data mapping evaluation, and more where necessary.

Improvement Areas

  • In addition to the overview, you will also receive a categorized collection of areas where your data can be improved. This gives your team a better understanding of what exactly needs to be done (including Veeva-specific changes) and a place to start from.

Resource Allocation Estimates

  • The Data Quality Overview and detailed collection of improvement areas will together give you a base to estimate how much work needs to be done. With this information, our team can help you determine both internal and external resource needs.

Expert Migration Support

  • Your Epista migration expert(s) will not only help you understand your Data Quality Assessment, but can continue to provide support throughout your migration process. From automation to best practice, you will be provided with professional advice and knowledge.

Functional Feature: A traffic light visualization to help you easily understand the status of your data

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