Release Notes Assessment

Increase value and optimize operations

Better understand release notes to optimize operations and increase ROI.

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Decrease complexity and increase value

Release notes that accompany system updates often include details about added functionality or system improvements. However, these notes are often difficult to understand completely. This complexity can lead to potentially missing out on opportunities for business growth and efficiency.

Effectively assess update impact

Doing a full impact assessment requires broad knowledge of the application software in addition to industry requirements and insights into business strategy, processes, and operations. By combining Epista's expertise with your organizational know-how, we can better understand how operations will be impacted.

Benefit from deep industry and application knowledge

To realize the full potential of each update, you need deep understanding of your ERP system beyond standard functionality. Epista's ERP consultants apply years pf knowledge gained through projects with Life Science clients and from working in close collaboration with software providers.

Mcirosoft D365FO Update Process

How can Epista assess your ERP Relase Notes?

Strategic Focus:

How can the standard software updates in your application work with your company and operational strategy? Our team will help you assess the updates that come with D365 and determine what changes can be made to align the updates with your business strategy (e.g., data structure). This includes more significant application updates and some adivsory on all expected Microsoft updates.

Processes and Optimization:

At the processes and optimization level, we go one step futher. In addition to assessing updates against strategic decisions, an Epista expert will help your organization understand how application updates and changes in strategic decisions will impact your ways of working. This includes assessment of processes that need to be changed or improved due to new features and workshops as needed.

Dynamics 365 Business Processes:

With this level, we help you understand every release as it comes. We focus on which updates are coming with each release and the immediate effect these changes will have regarding testing pre-release and changes in production. This includes ensuring your organization understands the details of what is coming before each release happens.

Why work Epista to manage release notes?

  • Better understand update impact & enhance daily operations
  • More easily understand & apply information from Microsoft
  • Streamline procedures & increase productivity
  • Benefit from qualified system & industry experts

Epista Life Science is a team of experts working to continuously improve compliance and business. We do this by pioneering new methodologies and implementing technologies to help Life Science companies balance risk and efficiency to achieve more. Our ERP team has years of both technical and industry experience to help you ensure your ERP system is always compliant and continuously validated.

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