Change & Validation Management

Agile, controlled change implementation

Change & Validation Management ensures the delivery of approved, functional changes to your IT applications

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Understand business and GxP impact

In the cloud, releases are unavoidable if you want to maintain an up-to-date and optimized system. With a strong change management team to handle change requests, you will know exactly how something will impact different aspects of your business, including GxP before releases go live.

Establish controlled processes for change

Change management aims to control the entire life cycle of your change requests. That means evaluating risk and impact, ensuring prioritization, and more. To best accomplish this goal, our team will help you develop processes that allow for continoually successful authorization and implementation of changes.

Continuously improve and maintain compliance

Releases and changes will come regularly with your cloud-based IT application. With Epista's change management service, you can have confidence that your processes are governed by a dedicated and experienced Change Manager who will ensure your system is optimized, continuously improving, and always compliant.

Typical change management cycle

Change & Validation Management services can include:

Change Classification and Prioritization:

Ensure that all changes are classified and prioritized.  By doing this, we can help develop and optimize your IT system to support operational procedures in an agile and controlled manner. This could also include evaluating alternative changes or software options.

Impact and Risk Assessment:

Understand the possible outcome of implementing a change. Our team of experts can help you understand any potential business and/or GxP impact of each change and how it relates to the other changes in scope. This helps to prevent potential GxP issues and increasse application reliability and user adoption.

Change Facilitation and Coordination:

Create change management processes that streamline changes and secure the success of your IT application. Through our coordination process, you can be confident that people, timelines, documentation, and traceability are managed and follow industry best practice.

Why let Epista handle your change and validation management?

  • Trust changes are prioritized and approved before release
  • Ensure an always compliant & continously improving system
  • Rest assured there is always someone to provide support
  • Benefit from years of experience

Epista Life Science is a team of experts working to continuously improve compliance and business. We do this by pioneering new methodologies and implementing technologies to help Life Science companies balance risk and efficiency to achieve more. Our ERP team has years of both technical and industry experience to help you ensure your ERP system is always compliant and continuously validated.

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