New appointments for Epista's Board of Directors

Per Kogut has been appointed Chairperson of the Board and Ronny Roos as Member of the Board.

Per Kogut joins from a long and successful career in the life science consulting and IT services industry including more than fourteen years serving as CEO of NNIT, six years serving as board member of former FSN Capital portfolio company EET A/S, four years as Chairperson of the Digital Hub Denmark. He serves on the board of LoyalSolutions A/S and recently joined the board of directors of Columbus A/S.

Ronny Roos joins from a long and successful career in the Nordic IT services and consulting industry and has served as Chairperson of the Board of Epista Life Science for the past six years. Ronny Roos served as CEO of WM-Data Denmark and was as COO in Sweden involved in the sale and integration into CGI. Ronny has since held a number of board and chairperson positions in the IT services industry including in FSN Capital portfolio company Fellowmind, TRUESEC, Candidator (Iver), Retune and Mercur Solutions.

Klavs Esbjerg, CEO, Epista Life Science, says: “It is a great honor and privilege to welcome Per to the Board and I am thrilled to see Ronny continue. They both have impressive careers and vast experience in our industry as well as the FSN Execution Framework. They bring deep expertise and global ambitions to the group, and we are very fortunate to have them support us as we continue to strengthen our organization and drive maximum positive impact in the Life Science industry.”

With the appointments of Per Kogut and Ronny Roos, Epista’s Board of Directors currently consists of five members, including Justin Kent, Nicholas Hjorth and Line Hjorth-Christensen from FSN Capital.

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