Always Compliant ERP with Dynamics 365 for Pharma and Life Science

Ensure fully compliant, flexible, and scalable ERP system for your Life Science business


Historically, Pharamceutical and Life Science companies have stuck to implementing on-prem ERP systems. Yet, as they grow and the industry evolves, these solutions end up being complicated to update, adapt, and validate. Consequently, it becomes tricky to maintain compliance.

In spite of this, cloud ERP solutions have recently started gaining traction in the Pharamceutical industry. And now, Microsoft's Dynamics 365 offers a strong alternative that is flexible, scalable, and can easily adapt to the needs of Life Science businesses.

Why choose Dynamics 365 as your ERP solution?

At Epista, we have worked with ERP validation since 2009 and we have seen many ERP projects succeed. However, we have also seen many fail and these implementations often fail due to similar reasons. We believe that Dynamics 365 has the potential to help Life Science businesses overcome common implementation challenges with a combination of its built-in configurable building blocks, additional enhancing tool providers like Cegeka, and strong implementation partners like Epista.

To learn more about why these projects succeed and how the Microsoft platform increases business value and reduces risk compared to competitors, watch our webinar with Cegeka and Microsoft.

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