Life Science Cloud Transition: Focus on ERP

Get valuable insights about moving to a cloud-based ERP system

Are you planning the move to a cloud-based ERP system? If so, this webinar is a great first step on your journey.

Based on case examples, you’ll understand the critical success factors when moving to the cloud. You’ll explore how release cycles create new opportunities, but also force adaptation. And you’ll learn proven methodologies to implement new systems with existing processes and legacy data.

Klavs Esbjerg, CEO of Epista, uses case examples from both Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SAP S/4HANA to share his knowledge:

  • Out with legacy dead-weight and grandfathered workarounds. Use forced releases and changes to keep your system aligned with your business goals.
  • Be smart during implementation and build a compliance strategy that maintains the validated state through forced releases and business changes during operations.
  • How will the FDA’s initiative of CSA impact your efforts? Including automated testing…
  • Specifically, when considering cloud systems – how should you think about:
  • ~Needs analysis and system selection
  • ~~How do we choose right vendor? Decision criteria for finding a Life Science-enabled vendor
  • ~Implementation
  • ~~Prepare to maintain the validated state of your cloud system during operations
  • ~~Incorporate vendor processes into validation setup
  • ~~CSA
  • ~Operations
  • ~~Release management from both compliance and business perspective

Are you ready to make the move to the cloud? Get in touch and start your cloud journey.

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