Large biopharma turns business priorities into clear system choice with Veeva

Epista helps biopharma select a future-proof IT system


This biopharmaceutical company needed help to choose and establish the right document management system to meet the needs of their future journey.


Using an interview-based approach, Epista helped define critical success factors and select Veeva Vault to support current and future business needs.

Their existing ECM (Enterprise Content Management) system was due for an upgrade, and they were uncertain whether it would continue meet their needs as they grew. Epista’s team of experts helped to define critical success factors, link these to IT and compliance, and select the right solution to provide the highest potential impact on their business.

Using an interview-based approach, Epista uncovered critical success factors for a future ECM solution. Investigation focused on defining user needs and business requirements – current and future - and mapping these against an upgrade of the current ECM solution.  

The analysis found a weak business case for an upgrade, in terms of cost, functionality, and system capabilities. The question then became - which system would meet their needs, based on the critical success factors underlying their business?

Meanwhile, Epista knew that other areas of the business were also conducting Needs Analysis. We used our broad knowledge of the different Biotech business areas and merged these efforts, extending the analysis to the broader organization. The results uncovered many areas to consider, including training, document management, regulatory, and more. Once Epista’s team created a clear overview, we identified the best system choice – Veeva.

In fact, this company’s regulatory area had been suggesting Veeva Vault for years, and now they had concrete information and data to translate their business priorities into the right system decision. All stakeholders using a single interface allows them to speak the same language - and easily share and get value from each other’s data. By implementing Veeva Vault, they can now move forward with confidence, knowing the diverse needs of the company’s different business areas will be met and that they will be in the best position to fulfill future business goals, as well.

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*Footnote: After May 26, 2024, medical devices registered under MDD will have to re-register under MDR. 

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