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IDMP is substantially more complex than the current legislation, xEVMPD. Deadlines are quickly approaching and the time to prepare for the complex compliance mandate is flying by. We’ve gathered expert advice to take you from basic understanding to creating business value with your efforts.

IDMP FAQ 1: What is IDMP?

This episode introduces IDMP (Identification of Medicinal Products) for those with little or no experience with the topic. We’ll provide you with context, definitions, and examples of IDMP use cases. The goal is to help you better understand whether IDMP is something that will impact your company.

IDMP FAQ 2: How can I prepare for IDMP - with MAIN5

MAHs with products on the market in the European Union will be the first to use IDMP to communicate information about their products to the EMA (European Medicines Agency). Over the next few years, the EMA will roll out their first iteration out of IDMP via their master data initiative, SPOR. In this video we ask MAIN5, our valued collaboration partner, how MAHs can best prepare for the changes that are coming and how to secure continuous compliance going forward.

IDMP FAQ 3: Should I care about IDMP if I'm not an MAH (Marketing Authorization Holder)?

This episode sets the coming European Medicines Agency IDMP requirements aside. Instead, we’ll focus on the impact that IDMP will bring to the collaboration partners of MAHs, and our recommended actions for them. This episode is designed for suppliers of drug products and related materials, and drug development companies. Watch to learn how you can best prepare for the changes that IDMP will bring to your collaboration with MAHs - and the opportunities for improvement that you’ll find, as well.

FAQ 4: Is there potential business value to implement IDMP – beyond compliance?

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