February 7, 2023

Always Compliant with Dynamics 365 for Pharma & Life Science

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With Dynamics 365 for Life Science & Pharma, you can be fully compliant and have a system that is flexbile, scalable, and can grow with your business.

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February 7, 2023
3:00 pm
4:00 pm

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About the webinar

Traditionally, Pharma & Life Sciences companies have turned to implementing on-premise ERP solutions. Yet, in recent years we too often see those ERP systems turn out to be complicated to update, change, validate and, therefore, tricky to keep compliant.

With the rise of cloud ERP, the Life Science industry now has access to a strong alternative based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 – a fully compliant system that is flexible and scalable and can easily grow with the needs of your business.

Join us Tuesday February 7th for a pre-recorded webinar followed by a live Q&A with experts from Microsoft, Epista Life Science, and Cegeka.

What will you learn in this webinar?

  • How Microsoft helps Pharma & Life Science companies create business value and continuously adapt to change.
  • How Cegeka’s validated solution & approach expand the existing capabilities of Dynamics 365 so that it adds more business value for Pharma & Life Science companies
  • How well Microsoft can stack up to other ERP systems commonly used in Pharma & Life Science
  • How Cegeka can decrease the risk that comes with implementing a solution by using the many configurable building blocks of Dynamics 365


All ERP projects start with the same goal: to implement a standard system that will help manage and optimize core business processes. Yet, despite good intentions, the result for many Life Science companies is often an ERP system that is complicated to upgrade, change, and validate – and therefore, tricky to keep in compliance.  

Epista has worked with ERP validation since they were founded in 2009. From a business perspective, many of these implementations failed due to:

  • The selection of a standard pre-configuration, not fully supporting business needs
  • The creation of customizations, workarounds, or the use of additional tools like Excel
  • Changes becoming cumbersome, expensive, and time-consuming  

Their initial analysis is that for some business applications you can preconfigure a best fit because these applications are less complex and the variance in business needs is lower. For ERP this is not the case. You cannot create one size fits all for ERP.

Epista has seen many Microsoft ERP projects succeed and they frequently see success for pharma companies using Microsoft Dynamics 365. Together in this webinar, Epista, Cegeka, and Microsoft will investigate why these projects succeed and how the Microsoft platform increases business value and reduces risk compared to competitors.

Keynote Speakers

Klavs Esbjerg

CEO and Founder

Henrik Walther Madsen


Dominique De Vos

Solution Manager

Jesper Bagh

Pharma Strategist and Global GxP Lead

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