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Epista Life Science is a consultancy dedicated to continuously improving regulatory compliance. We turn compliance obstacles into business opportunities for our clients and for the industry.

When starting the company in 2009, founder Klavs Esbjerg wanted to make an impact on regulatory compliance in the entire Life Science industry. He envisioned Epista as an industry influencer, pioneering new compliance methodologies and technologies to eliminate compliance challenges for Epista’s clients.

Klavs’ ambition has turned into reality. Today, with nearly 100 global clients, Epista’s original vision and values are still the foundation for everything we do, and Epista is ever more dedicated to continuously improving compliance in the Life Sciences. 

We help our clients bridge the gap between IT, Quality and Line-of-Business departments by building regulatory requirements seamlessly into business processes. This turns compliance obstacles into real business opportunities, intelligently aligning compliance across organizations, projects and systems.

Help us continuously improve the industry: Currently, we’re compiling data to create an industry benchmark called The State Of Compliance In Life Science. Get in touch if you’d like to be a part of our ambitious project.

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Contact us: Need help to understand and conform to new regulations? Change your IT landscape?  Find and achieve the appropriate compliance level in your organization? Get in touch! We enjoy sharing our knowledge and are happy to discuss advancing regulatory compliance in your company:

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Epista Life Science
Get in touch: Need help to continuously improve regulatory compliance in your organization? Whatever your needs, Epista can help you turn compliance obstacles into real business opportunities. Get in touch.