Epista Influencers make compliance and business efficient

Epista’s Regulatory Applications Services (RAS) team continuously improves compliance and business.

Meet Epista’s Regulatory Affairs team: Jacob Ekstrøm, Anne Pouzet, Anette Esbensen, and Line Torp Bjørn. Regulatory Affairs is a highly complex domain and an integral part of any Life Science company.

Epista’s Regulatory Team used their deep understanding of the domain, as well as their extensive experience with the related IT systems, to turn clients’ obstacles into business opportunities and help increase the contribution of Life Science to society.

When ALK needed a bridge to take them from their previous RIM system to a new one, the team got busy. They helped ALK plan for a new system, using best practices suited to ALK’s specific needs. Ida Bastian Brügger, Team Lead for Compliance and Operations in Global Regulatory Affairs at ALK says this about Epista’s RAS team: “We needed someone who could challenge and guide us, especially if we were about to make a terrible decision. For example, when we say, ‘We want X’, we want someone who can tell us – ‘No, you don’t want X. You want Y because it will offer you more options in the future when you want to do Z’. Epista brought the right skill set into the project… What we most appreciated about Epista was their pragmatic approach to problem solving. Things were super concrete from Day One, so we used our limited time and resources efficiently.”

Can Epista’s RAS Team help continuously improve compliance and business in your company

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