Epista Influencers in eDMS Implementation

Epista experts help biotech with Veeva QualityDocs implementation

A company with big growth plans needs to have the right systems in place to achieve their goals. Meet a few members of our team of pioneers: Sebastian Paulsson Magné, Daniel Jönsson, and Karin Hesslevik. They supported one of our valued clients, Oncopeptides, with exactly such a challenge. Read on for details.

At one point, Oncopeptides was a small company that had big plans for the launch of their new product and expected to grow to 200 employees within a year. (Spoiler alert – they actually grew to almost 300!) Oncopepetides's existing paper-based quality document management system did not have the capacity to work with so many people, so they needed to find and implement an electronic one. With just two people in the QA department, Oncopeptides had a challenge: “There were a lot of systems out there. We hadn’t worked with any of them before, so we weren’t sure how to evaluate or prioritize between nice-to-have and need-to-have criteria. We chose Epista as an implementation partner because we needed their experience in these evaluations and implementations.”

Instead of taking the expected 8 weeks to get up-and-running (which is an ambitious goal in the first place), Epista helped Oncopeptides go live in just six weeks. For the full story, watch the whole webinar here or read the case.

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