Epista Influencers balance risk and efficiency to achieve more

Epista's consultants help APL improve quality processes

Meet Robert Pettersson, Inge Blom, and Karin Hesslevik - three members of our team of pioneers. With their expert knowledge, they helped APL make their quality processes both effective AND efficient. 

After joining the company in 2019, APL's CEO could tell that APL lacked efficiency in some of their ways of working, but he didn't have the data to prove it. Enter our Epista Influencers. This team of pioneers interviewed department representatives in QA, QC, IT, Material Management, Development, and Production and analyzed the in-scope processes. They then presented an action-oriented roadmap for improvement and optimization of quality processes that aligned with APL’s overall company objectives. Inger Bergman, Head of Quality Assurance at APL says, “We have limited resources and have to use them wisely. Epista helped us figure out the specific initiatives for the biggest bang for our efforts – quickly”.

We’re happy to help you turn compliance obstacles into real business opportunities.

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Karin Hesslevik
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