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Serialization tips to help fast-growing biotechs

Meet Christian Conradsen, Team Manager and Epista Consultant. He helps fast-growing biotech companies. These companies typically know a lot about raising money, drug development and go-to-market strategies. And on the other hand, they don't usually have much expertise when it comes to serialization requirements.

His advice is targeted mostly at companies new to commercialization, but it is also applicable to any company entering new markets, as not every market will have the same standards or regulations. Christian has taken the time to share some of his specialized experience to start you down the right path, by thinking serialization into your whole supply chain. Watch the whole video here:

Are you ready to get started on commercialization? Or perhaps you just have some questions about serialization in general? Whatever it is, Christian, and our other experts, are here to help you.

This is just one piece of Epista's knowledge sharing. To hear from more of our influencers, check out the rest of our Ask Epista series here.

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Christian Conradsen
Manager - Automation & Manufacturing

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