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IT Strategy Advisory and Governance

Has your IT system landscape gradually become fragmented over the years - a maze of different strategies, initiatives, platforms and legacy systems?

It is a natural tendency over time. The result can be a complex, technically diverse and redundant environment that is inefficient, costly and impossible to validate.

Epista can help you achieve a qualified, data-centric enterprise strategy. On premise, in the cloud, or hybrid. We offer pragmatic advice, never ‘one size fits all’. We’ll dig into your landscape, KPIs, IT compliance plan, budgetary considerations and more. With our extensive knowledge of the relevant technology, you’ll get the optimal IT strategy based on your business objectives and resources.

We’ll also help you with organizational change management. You’ll bridge the gap between different areas of your business so that quality is aligned across your entire organization. Our structured processes get all of the relevant departments to speak the same language and agree on responsibilities, service level agreements and more.

Ask about our services– both on premise, in the cloud or hybrid:

- Assess your system landscape
- Reduce licensing and system maintenance costs
- Develop a corporate IT strategy
- System Search and Selection
- Inspection Readiness/Mock Audits
- Risk assessments
- Compliance and Validation Services

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