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Cloud Compliance

“Going Cloud”. What exactly does that mean in a GxP environment?

Which model should you choose? Can you rely on your vendor for validated processes and procedures? What about data security and data privacy?

Epista can help. We’ve developed a structured methodology that is independent of service providers, systems and technologies.

Being in compliance means fulfilling your specific quality goals. But exactly where will you set those goals – especially when outsourcing to external vendors? Our pragmatic approach identifies where to set the bar so quality levels fit both your regulatory requirements and your business objectives. We’ll help you figure out where you are now and where you want to go. Then, we’ll help you get there – even in the cloud.

Ask us about our services:

Solution Identification. Understand the pros and cons of the various models, including a cost structure overview comparing the cloud solution to an in-house solution. A risk analysis evaluates the viability of a cloud solution from a data security and data privacy standpoint. Whether you've got a cloud solution supporting a single application or many applications spread out over your enterprise, Epista can help.

Search and Selection. We’ll help you identify and evaluate potential cloud vendors. Once the vendor is selected – we’ll help you make sure compliance is part of the contract.

Cloud Governance Policy for System Lifecycle. Establish a structured approach to the selection, integration, ongoing management and subsequent decommissioning of cloud based IT services.

Compliance gap analysis. Compare your IT QMS with the services provided by the vendor and identify the actions needed to fill in the gaps.

Qualification Plan. Based on the gaps, create a plan for verification of additional controls not provided by the vendor. The plan also includes the conclusion of the risk assessment and lists technical specifications. 

Annual Wheel. Produce an overview of the solution’s annual lifecycle including control activities, implementation of changes, and much more. 

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