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Epista has extensive, real-world experience with the compliance needs of Life Science companies and the abilities/limitations of technology related to the industry.
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FirstPoint is a SharePoint-based solution developed by CSC that facilitates cross-functional and business partner collaboration as well as streamlines processes for compliance with regulatory reporting requirements.
As part of its governance solution for SharePoint, Epista Life Science has developed the DeltaPoint baseline tool that extracts and compares baselines automatically, enabling fast and efficient change control and configuration management of SharePoint platforms
SharePoint is not only a great platform for regulatory compliance management, but also providing significant Quality Management capabilities. Understand how to implement and validate a world-class Regulatory Compliance and Quality Management Solution, in an environment that all of your users are already familiar and comfortable with.
Microsoft Dynamics AX is an enterprise resource planning software that in real time streamlines financial aspects, customer relationship, and supply chain processes of a company. The nature of Dynamics AX offers seamless interoperability with Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and Skype for Business making it extremely user friendly.