Keith Williams at Knowledge & Network Day 2017

Video & Presentation: Data Integrity - A Practical Perspective

Keith Williams at Knowledge & Network Day 2017

VIDEO: Keith Williams Gives a Brief Intro to Data Integrity - A Practical Perspective
PowerPoint Presentation: Data Integrity - A Practical Perspective

Keith Williams, ISPE GAMP European Committee Member, was a speaker at Epista Life Science’s Knowledge & Network Day 2017. He spoke as part of the Data track, providing a practical perspective to data integrity.

In a short video, Keith shares his knowledge of how to approach regulatory approval and business opportunities through data integrity guidelines. Keith covers strategy to approach data integrity for regulatory approval, and the added benefits that these strategies can have for your company. What are the important focus areas for starting a data integrity project? With data integrity in mind, how can you add value to your business through big data? If you want to learn more, view Keith's PowerPoint presentation here.

Dive into data in the real world. What can and should we do - instead of what are all possible things we might do? In his presentation, Keith discussed examples from manufacturing and labs, highlighting the differences (and similarities) in requirements of data integrity between GMP and GLP environments.

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