Aytac Atac, Beyond Compliance: Digital Future and IoT

Video & Presentation: Beyond Compliance - The Digital Future & IoT

Aytac Atac at Knowledge & Network Day 2017

Video: Intro from Aytac Atac
PowerPoint Presentation: Beyond Compliance - The Digital Future & IoT 

The Pharma industry is going through a large scale transformation with serialization projects. Is serialization just a project we need to perform to comply to regulations? Or can we get real business value out of the ongoing track & trace programs and create sustainable improvement at the supply chain? Driven by the track & trace requirements, Supply Chain Wizard, places innovation at the core of their projects to make positive impact to the day-to-day business operations of our clients while complying to the regulations. In this presentation, Aytac Atac shares the real life client case examples in digital transformation of factories and pharma supply chains.

Watch the video introduction for a quick overview of how Serialization is impacting our businesses, and how we can turn Serialization into an opportunitity to improve effectiveness and operational efficiency. According to Aytac, this starts with data. Where can we capture this, and how can we use it to improve and automate decision making? Looking at the value beyond compliance is an important part of Serialization. 

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