Quality Roundtable: Build Quality Culture into Company Culture

Quality Roundtable: Build Quality Culture into Company Culture

Join Quality professionals to discuss transparent compliance across the organization

April 17, 8:15 - 10:30
Epista Life Science - Slotsmarken 17, 2nd Floor / 2970 Hørsholm, Denmark
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Growth, digitalization, innovation, patient-centricity: The Life Science industry is experiencing serious pressure and rapid change. Quality professionals are challenged to ensure their priorities are recognized as business priorities and built into plans from the very start. Are there ways to bridge the gap between the Quality and Business areas?

This Quality Roundtable will explore concrete ways to make compliance efforts transparent across the entire organization so management understands the impact of business decisions on quality resources. Imagine that scenario: Quality culture becomes strongly built into business culture. Resources are built into plans from their very inception. It’s clear how new initiatives will affect quality efforts. And efforts can be optimized.

We’ll also discuss our upcoming 2018 Life Science Compliance Maturity Survey. 2017’s study focused on Denmark and shined the light on many interesting industry challenges. This year, we’re widening the scope to focus on the entire Nordic region. Join this effort and help us raise the level of maturity in the entire Life Science industry. 

Join us for:

- Concrete ideas to make your management recognize why your priorities are business priorities
- Inspiration to build Quality Culture into Company Culture with transparent compliance
- 2017 Report: Compliance maturity in the Danish Life Science Industry
- Opportunity to discuss these challenges, and more, with industry peers

 We hope you’ll join us for a dose of inspiration along with great discussions and networking!

(Note: This is an open invitation and a free event for industry practitioners. If you fall into this category, please share with colleagues and other relevant people in your network. This event is not open to consultants or vendors.)