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In the News: Epista Interviewed on Finding the Balance in Regulatory Compliance

Epista CEO and benchmarking survey featured in Copenhagen Life Science magazine

How do you find the balance in regulatory compliance? Charlotte Strøm, journalist at Greater Copenhagen Life Science, brought this question to Klavs Esbjerg, CEO, in a recent article for the magazine's 2018 Medicon Valley Yearbook edition. 

The article, Finding the Balance in Regulatory Compliance, challenges the conservative nature of the Life Science industry, which "has generally been reluctant to fully implement new technologies for more efficient work flows."

Strøm also references Epista's recent study, Benchmarking Compliance Maturity 2017, which, alongside Klavs's insights, provide an important understanding of the major challenges facing the Life Science industry. 

Read the article below, and browse out the full edition of the magazine here