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New Generation of Automation Programmers

Shortage of Automation Programmers Calls for New Generation with Fresh Approach

Once a regulated company invests in an industrial automation solution that meets both their business needs and their industry’s compliance standards, they need to get the most value they possibly can – over many decades of use.

This is becoming a big challenge. For one thing, PROCOS programmers are quickly approaching retirement age. And in addition, SATTLINE programmers are scarce due to high demand. Companies want to keep their automation systems running and continue to update them and add to them, but the skills they desperately need are difficult to find.

Epista Life Science, a consultancy dedicated to continuously improving regulatory compliance, identified this gap. And at the request of major manufacturers in regulated industries, we set out to do something about it. We invest in talented young engineers to train them in PROCOS and SATTLINE. And they’re looking at problems in a way that is quite unique in the industry: Epista’s approach to production automation is process-centric rather than platform-centric. Programmers foster a deep understanding of required processes and business goals, as opposed to narrowly focusing on specific platform technology.

This creates value for our customers in many ways. First, they get support they can rely on to protect their automation investment long into the future. And second, the support they receive is based on a pragmatic and deep understanding of their purpose, with their processes and systems in focus, not just the latest platform on the market. This helps them achieve their business goals without pushing them into solutions they don’t need or want.

“I needed automation consultants who didn’t just know how to program, but who could go above and beyond to understand my business needs. It’s not easy to find these qualities in automation consultants. Many have a narrow focus, which, as a project manager, can actually create more work for me.

Epista Life Science quickly demonstrated they are different. As a project manager, I don’t always know exactly what a solution will look like or how to explain it. I’ve seen other consultants who blindly follow customer specifications even if it doesn’t match the reality on the ground. Epista Life Science viewed the project with a critical eye and a desire to make the best possible solutions to our actual needs, even when we couldn’t totally articulate them. They saved time and money by suggesting alternatives to save the project from going down blind alleys, and ultimately brought the project to life.

When it comes to automation projects, I recommend Epista to everyone that I work with.” 

- Else Katherine Friis, former Project Manager of Automation, NNE Pharmaplan who worked with Epista on a large compliance project at global pharmaceutical manufacturer.

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