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When first implementing an eDMS system, you typically have limited knowledge of end user behavior and general system usage. To complete the job, you have to build the system on your best assumptions and compromises. 

As insight of actual usage is gained, it is critical to adjust the system. Think of it as a journey, starting with an adolescent system which gains experience and leads to an adult system. If this system adolescence is properly planned and managed, small efforts will improve not just usability and compliance, but also the total system ROI. 

Thanks to all who joined this free webinar to:
- Find ways to get more value from your existing document management system without compromising its validated state. 
- Get concrete recommendations on how to plan and prioritize improvements and increase ROI
- Based on actual client cases, learn how a general 'usability overhaul', with special attention to search function, can take a system from ‘so-so’ to ‘so-nice’.

Nikolai Vibede, Director of Document and Quality Systems, Epista Life Science
Christian Holse, Senior Consultant, Epista Life Science