IT Compliance in Medical Devices - Meeting 7

Network meeting about Master Data Management

February 23, 15:00-17:00
Epista Life Science: Slotsmarken 17, 2970 Hørsholm 

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Topic: Master Data Management in Medical Devices
Master data management (MDM), when properly done, streamlines data sharing among personnel and departments and facilitates communication across the organization’s many platforms and applications. The ultimate goal is to provide a company’s employees with a "trusted single version of the truth" from which to base decisions and report to authorities. However, as a Medical Device company the challenge is to manage and control data correctly to be able to gain value.

Join us to learn from the practical experience of DGS Denmark/Oticon. We’ll also have a presentation from Rasmus Torp Kristensen, Epista Life Science, about a methodology designed to make it easier to assemble your master data.

–        From unstructured data to Master data (Rasmus Torp Kristensen, Epista Life Science): Our experience indicates that the transformation of (unstructured) “legacy” data is becoming the paramount hurdle for clients. This presentation will illustrate a case discussing automation of data extraction from unstructured data to structured data and how this can become a value to the business

–        DGS Denmark/Oticon case: Master Data Management in a Medical Device perspective (Peter Molander, DGS Denmark): Learn from DGS Denmark/Oticon’s considerations and approach to MDM: Search and selection of a suitable MDM system. What to consider when collecting and analyzing critical data. How to intelligently create value through master data.
–        Experience and knowledge sharing from participants
–        New ideas for future meetings

About the user group
Several Danish Medical Device companies, in collaboration with Epista, have created a network group for professionals interested in IT Compliance. This group, which meets quarterly, encourages dialog and knowledge sharing in the Medical Device industry. It encompasses Medical Device companies of all sizes and is especially relevant for IT, QA, RA and system owners.

Note: This is an open invitation. Please share with colleagues and other relevant people in your network. (Remember registration).

We look forward to an enriching and exciting network meeting!