FutureLink Epista Life Science

Epista Speaking at FutureLink in Munich

Join for Epista presentation on Pharma Serialization & Traceability

June 5 - 7

Join us for FutureLink, a conference that aims to shape the future of digital drug supply with information sharing networks. You'll hear from Pasi Kemppainen, Principal Advisor on Pharma Digitalization at Epista Life Science. 

Pasi is currently leading Santen Pharmaceutical's global serialization and traceability program, and he brings this expertise alongside leadership and project industry experince to speak about the Pharma Supply Chain Network: Serialization & Traceability Integration & Interoperability. Pasi will cover challenges and success factors for the entire supply chain. 

Project leads in every business must consider upfront the overall complexity and scale of serialization and traceability. They must understand and update internal processes and engage external partners before specifying and implementing a strategy and solution. While the pharmaceutical sector is well versed at improving the performance of manufacturing and packing lines with new hardware and site-level systems, integrating with partners, each with their own internal policies and priorities, on the scale required by global serialization and traceability is a completely new challenge. To complicate matters, the solution cannot be stationery – new products, new partners, new markets and regulations, new customer requirements and new opportunities keep coming.

Meet us at FutureLink to hear Pasi's presentation and many more presentations from industry leaders. Find out more about Pasi's background and experience here or see the rest of the speaker lineup here.

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