Cloud Webinar

Cloud Webinar

Practical Experience of a Life Science Cloud Customer

November 9, 15:00 - 16:00 CET (9:00 - 10:00 EST)
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Going cloud sounds great. What does it mean for your company - especially in a GxP environment? Does 'going cloud' make your compliance challenges go away? Participants joined this interactive webinar to gain insight into cloud solutions from Life Science subject matter experts. The experts shared what they've learned from solving the practical challenges of staying in control, even while 'going cloud', in a regulated environment.

We discussed:

- Specifics of validating a Cloud IT landscape 
- New Gartner research that cites consulting organization Epista Life Science (Read more about it here
- Appropriate validation strategy for different types of Cloud scenarios 
- Validation specifics broken out by function: clinical, manufacturing, etc. 
- Examples of good and bad experiences end-to-end, including both the project and the operation & maintenance phases.
- What to focus on to stay in control - Efficient governance model for the whole life cycle? 
- Your questions, and more! 

If you're an IT, QA, RA, system owner, or data owner facing these challenges, this information is for you! Epista's subject matter experts covered concrete, operational topics critical to your success. You can also listen to the great questions asked by the participants when you listen to the webinar recording.