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CASE: Predictable Compliance Across the Organization

Find out how we helped this fast-growing biotech company stay in control

A growing biotech company was getting ready to file an application to bring their drugs to market. They had left the early stages of development and were close to bringing their product to patients, so their compliance risk was also increasing. They had compliance knowledge but not the right systems to support it. They needed a solid document management system to stay in control across the whole organization. 

This biotech company wanted to take advantage of ready-made document management in Cloud but were not sure what to expect from the vendors. They asked questions like: What are the potential problems with different vendors? Who manages the risk? Which questions are important to ask the vendor? How can we be sure that vendors are using best practices?

Epista stepped in with advisory and project services. We facilitated the vendor implementation, drawing from extensive EDMS and ERP experience to help select the best vendor, ask the right questions, and make sure all considerations and potential problems were taken into account early on. We also supported the project by training employees on the new system and aligning understanding across teams and the vendor.

Because of Epista, this biotech company had the knowledge and resources to confidently move to Cloud. They have an overview for the whole organization, allowing them to adapt the system to changes as new regulations and business changes come up. Their compliance is in control, so they can continue growing and bring their innovative drugs to patients worldwide.

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