Compliance Maturity Study 2018

Be Part of the Study: Compliance Maturity in Scandinavian Life Science

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In 2017, we conducted a large benchmarking study to provide a snapshot of where Danish Pharma, Biotech and Medical Device companies lie on the compliance maturity scale. (Read the report here.) This year, we're taking this experience and expanding our scope to all of Scandinavia.

We're looking for Life Science professionals from Denmark, Sweden, and Norway to take part in a short survey. If you're in IT, quality, regulatory, production, or a system owner, data owner, or management, we want to hear from you. 

What is the study about? 

Life Science companies are constantly bombarded with new regulations, new technology and new business initiatives. They must find the optimal balance between risk and efficiency so that regulatory compliance does not stand in the way of digitalization, analytics, patient centricity, and more. We hear serious questions from the industry:

• Are we over-spending on time and resources, hampering efficiency and our bottom line?
• Are we underspending and running the risk of our compliance getting out-of-control?

This study will provide insight and recommend concrete actions to help companies balance their compliance efforts between risk and efficiency. Finding the optimal balance is critical, for it is here that compliance moves from being an obstacle into actually helping the company achieve its business goals. The study in 2017 provided a snapshot of the Danish Life Science industry, identifying key gaps between departments and quantifying compliance efforts. This year's study will build on these findings and provide new findings and recommendations with a view on Scandinavia.  

Why participate? 

Participants will each receive an individual report for their company in order to benchmark their position against the rest of the industry. You'll take away insight that you can share with your organization and apply to your own compliance efforts, making them more transparent, predictable, and efficient. Finally, you'll contribute to the common mission to influence the Life Science industry, bringing our industry to a higher level of maturity.

Your answers are confidential, and published results are reported anonymously and in aggregate. 

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