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Managed Services

Stay in-control in the face of new technology and changing regulation

Your document and quality systems are complicated. But they’re not your core business. Many companies find it very inefficient to maintain dedicated, in-depth system expertise on in-house. We can help you solve that problem with maximum efficiency because we’re specialists.

With a Managed Services Agreement, Epista will investigate issues, explain them to you, and either send to the responsible technology vendor or find the root cause and tweak your configuration accordingly. We’ll act as a sparring partner during change design, upgrades and patches. And we’ll ensure that your systems are optimized and in compliance.

Epista has a team of experts dedicated to act as your System Specialists to fill the gap between your System Owners and your Super Users. They are always topped up with the latest best practices and knowledge on technology, systems and vendors. They can help you decide which changes you need, and which changes you don’t. Whatever document and quality systems you’re using, our subject-matter-experts have the experience you need to support your systems efficiently.

Get in touch. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and are happy to discuss continuously improving regulatory compliance in your company: +45 4825 4500 / [email protected].

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Get in touch: Need help to continuously improve regulatory compliance in your organization? Whatever your needs, Epista can help you turn compliance obstacles into real business opportunities. Get in touch.