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Epista CIRC helps you continuously improve regulatory compliance - aligning business goals and compliance efforts across the entire organization.

The future is digital, and Life Science companies need to evolve: patient-centricity instead of product-centricity, value beyond the pill or device, faster time-to-market, and much more. 

How does regulatory compliance fit into this picture? When we ask Life Science executives, they often tell us it is a huge obstacle that stands between them and their business goals - not predictable, not transparent, and certainly not efficient. If you feel like this, you’re not alone:

- Many companies overspend on time and resources, hampering efficiency and wasting money.
- Others underspend, with out-of-control processes putting the company at risk during regulatory inspection.

Imagine a scenario where you could predict the implications of regulatory compliance on digital strategies across the organization. You could have cost transparency for risk based compliance based on business goals. You could have the objectivity to base decisions on facts instead of legacy practices.

Epista can help. We've developed an innovative methodology - Epista CIRC -  which measures two critical dimensions: How much compliance are you actually doing versus What are your quality objectives? The intersection of the two is your Compliance Maturity. With this insight, you  identify concrete tasks to tune your efforts to the optimal compliance level. And to ensure you stay in control at your optimal compliance level, we'll help you identify and counteract the forces that continuously push you out of alignment, back into inefficiency or risk. This kind of predictable, transparent and efficient compliance actually supports your business goals.

Download our data sheet on Epista CIRC (PDF).

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