Vision, Mission, Values Epista Life Science

Vision, Mission and Values

Continuously improving regulatory compliance in Life Science

VISION: Epista's vision is to eliminate regulatory compliance challenges for our clients, turning compliance obstacles into real business opportunities.

We’ve made a commitment to influence the industry, contributing to a higher level of insight and maturity across regulators, technology suppliers and Life Science companies. 

One example: In 2017, we pioneered a new methodology to measure compliance. We used this methodology to survey of the Danish Life Science industry and shared the insights here: 2017 Study of Compliance Maturity. If you'd like to get involved in our 2018 Benchmarking initiative, covering all of Scandinavia this year, get in touch!

Another example: Each year, we gather hundreds of Life Science professionals in quality, regulatory, IT, production, system owners, data owners, and more to discuss the most important challenges and opportunities facing the Life Science industry today. We call this conference Knowledge & Network Day. Read about our 2017 event here, and find out more about our 2018 events in Denmark and Sweden. Join us!

MISSION: To achieve our vision, it is our mission to continuously improve regulatory compliance in the Life Sciences.

Being in compliance means fulfilling your specific quality goals. But exactly where will you set those goals? Our pragmatic approach identifies where to set the bar so quality levels fit both regulatory requirements and business objectives. We help our clients figure out where they are, and where they want to go. Then, we help them get there - and stay there, efficiently. How do we create this value for our clients? Learn here.

VALUES: We realize that our vision and mission are ambitious. That’s why we stake our reputation on these core values. They guide us in all relationships with clients, partners and colleagues:

- Lasting Relations
- Trustworthy Conduct
- Qualified Skills
- Measurable Results

We feel strongly that our actions must embody these words. Our clients say that they do. Read about it in their own words here.

Contact us: Need help to continuously improve regulatory compliance in your organization? Get in touch. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and are happy to discuss advancing regulatory compliance in your company: Phone: +45 4825 4500 / email: [email protected]


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Get in touch: Need help to continuously improve regulatory compliance in your organization? Whatever your needs, Epista can help you turn compliance obstacles into real business opportunities. Get in touch.