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Industry survey + study to help Life Science companies become more transparent, predictable, and efficient.

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Ask Life Science executives how they feel about regulatory compliance, and they’ll often say it is an obstacle to achieving their overall company goals of digitalization, patient centricity, beyond-the-pill services, and more. Talk to specialists and practitioners, and they’ll tell you that compliance is overly complicated and requirements are sometimes unclear. 

The Life Science industry is asking serious questions about regulatory compliance:
- Are we over-spending on time and resources, actually hampering efficiency and our bottom line? 
- Are we underspending and running the risk of compliance getting out-of-control?

We’re a consultancy dedicated to continuously improving regulatory compliance. Helping Life Science companies answer these questions led us to develop an innovative methodology to benchmark compliance maturity, which we define as the appropriate compliance level based on a company’s individual needs. 

What is compliance maturity?
Compliance maturity is the intersection of two dimensions: “How much compliance are you actually doing?” – versus – “What are your quality objectives?”. At the immature end of the scale lies Asymmetric Compliance where processes are sporadic and focus is short term. On the mature end of the scale lies Advancing Compliance where quality targets are measured and quality controls are integrated in processes and systems. And there are several steps between. When you know where you lie on the scale, you can identify specific tasks to tune your compliance efforts to the optimal level.

Benchmarking Study
We conducted a large benchmarking study to provide a snapshot of where Danish Pharma, Biotech and Medical Device companies lie on the compliance maturity scale. Interestingly, it will also provide a snapshot of perceptions (and gaps) between Management and Operations within companies. The study’s results provide a valuable resource for Life Science professionals, shedding new light on important industry challenges and trends.

Where does your company fall on this scale? Is compliance maturity optimal? The goal of this study is to provide insight and inspiration for you to make that assessment, and ultimately use the information to turn compliance obstacles into real opportunities that support your overall business goals.

A note about confidentiality
All responses are treated as confidential information, and no results that identify a specific company or individual respondent will be made public. Results will only be shown as averages based on all participating companies, and no reference – in numbers or text – will reference individual companies or individuals. Individual company reports (sent only to the participating company itself) will show the company’s own results and how they compare to the industry average. This report will only be made available to the individual company.

The 2017 survey is closed, and the report is available now. Get it here.  

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